Is it possible for an elderly parent cheated and tricked by one of his/her adult children, to cancel documents he/she signed to transfer property during his/her lifetime, to only one of them, as a gift?


Yes, depending on the particular circumstances and if the necessary legal conditions are met relating to the exploitation/trickery of the “donor”, by the “recipient” and the worsening of the former’s situation, then it is possible to cancel an undertaking to make a gift.
In April 2015, Ashdod Family Court accepted an application to cancel an undertaking made by an elderly widow ( the “donor”), who had been tricked into signing papers to irreversibly transfer all rights in her farm on a Moshav to only one of her 7 children (the “recipient”) without preserving the right to even reside there, till the end of her days. It held that the evidence proved she had been manipulated and tricked into doing so,at a time when she was very vulnerable, as another son was dying, and she thought she was merely giving permission for the recipient son to use a storage area. In its judgment,the court cited the testimony of the 86 year old widow during cross examination in court, to support its finding.

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