Our first meeting at the new compulsory court mediation was disastrous- can this step be shortened and action filed at the court?


Yes! Under the new regulations effective from July 17 2016, if either party sends a notice within 10 days after the first mediation meeting at the court assistance unit saying that he/she is not interested in further meetings, then after the necessary cooling off period of 14 days, the party who asked for mediation has first option to proceed, and can bring action at the family court within a specified period. Although the assistance unit can hold up to 4 meetings as a default arrangement, the process can be stopped earlier.

For example, this happened in a case handled by our office at Petach Tikva Family Court .The  mediation file was opened on 3.8.2016, the single and unsuccessful mediation session took place  on 17.8.2016  and the father was able to file proceedings on 11.9.2016.



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