Is there any chance that a man, who gave up his rights in the marital home to his wife, as part of their divorce agreement, but continued to live with her for years after their divorce, is entitled to half of the property if they break up in the future?


Yes, possibly, depending on the circumstances, if the court regards them as common-law spouses, and a specific intention of partnership in the property is proved. This was the case in a successful plea of a divorced man for a judgment from Kiryat Gat family court in Israel. In December 2017, it declared him to be entitled to half of the home, registered in the his ex's name, even though he had given up his rights in it, as part of a divorce agreement. The parties had continued to cohabit in the home for 16 years after their divorce, had two children together and functioned as a family unit, before he finally separated, and left home.

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